Master Kijani and Tvuna’s House

Floor plan from Bern Village archives

Master Kijani and Tvuna own a standard, Bern Master home that is connected to a training field. Elaina stays in Bedroom 4, between Jessi and a guest room. Mehdi and Darian live in Bedrooms 1 and 2. Mehdi, Darian and Jessie have a spare bed in their rooms for guests. Each bedroom has a window, covered with thick drapes. The kitchen, living room and study have two windows. The kitchen stove rests on a brick floor with a cooking top. Polished, stone counters line two of the kitchen walls. A small fireplace in the master bedroom keeps the chill away during cold winter nights and makes it easier to heat bath water.

Dragon Warriors

Fresh from her escape in “Flight to Bern Village,” Elaina is now faced with entirely new challenges as she continues her warrior training. Bern Village is preparing for war against the combined might of the northern cities. Will Elaina’s past come back to haunt her? What will happen to the remaining dragon eggs that desperately need to hatch? And what of the other refugees fleeing the northern cities? Despite the tremendous risks, many, including Crevan’s family, brave the dangers as they too escape to Bern Village. Meanwhile, the increasing number of Peace Bringers are forced to flee their crumbling space station, seeking refuge in a small telepath ship, leaving them helpless and blind to the plight of those on the planet’s surface.

Vastus Symbol

Created by Harkalé Linaï

Thanks for your amazing work!

Vastus symbol

Each part of this symbol represents a set of skills. A warrior sword is stamped with a mountain and one sword. When a warrior reaches the master level, they gain a second sword. The dragon flying over the mountain represents dragon warriors. The symbol on the bottom will show up in a later book.