Height: 155 cm

Weight: 40 kg

Eye color: Brown

Occupation: Observatory Manager, Peace Bringer

“Ebban helped Qwin with unique perspectives on all three species. Despite being a telepath, most people found it easy to work with Ebban.” Carcer

“Ebban chortled. ‘You don’t like listening to engineers argue?’

‘Do you?’

‘I don’t mind. They’re officially allowed in here, especially with the bomb they built making its way to Lavi.’” Carcer


Commander Abigail Ruiz Strilic Velur

Born: El Cuervo

Parents: Admiral Wade Strilic and Captain Valentina Ruiz

Spouse: Param Velur

Weight: 49 kg

Height: 161 cm

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Title and Skills: Engineering Commander, Mechanical Engineering Prodigy, Resourceful Inventor, Talented Pilot, Peace Bringer


“Rebuilding this relic is going to be exciting!” Flight to Bern Village

“We’re human engineers. Our own species labels half of us with emotional disorders in a vain attempt to understand us.” Dragon Warriors

“Gail swung around in the pilot’s chair, watching numbers flash in front of her. If Gail constantly adjusted the numbers to prevent her engines from exploding, she could increase the ship’s speed. Countless disasters could turn her one-week buffer into two hours. She would push El Cuervo as quickly as she safely could.” Dragon Warriors

“There is always a way to escape.” Carcer

Kolbern Belgrande

Born: Salus-Human Battleship

Death: Bern City, Peace Continent, Vastus

Weight: 81 kg

Height: 189 cm

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Titles and Skills: Captain, Master, Warrior, Computer Programmer

Kole was a human leader who organized settling Vastus. His name was well-known among shapeshifters and telepaths as a conqueror. For this reason, he changed his name to Bern soon after he moved to Vastus with his family. He first lived in Reges. When Grayl and Don were voted in as queen and king of Reges, Kole moved his family south to Bern City with a large group of humans and founded Bern Village.

Prior to his assignment as a captain, Kole was a computer scientist and a war strategist. Familiar with self defense and battle tactics, Kole developed the Bern warrior and Bern master courses and wrote all the strategy books.

Story Behind the Picture:

The photographer took a look at the photo in front of him. “Typically people during this war aren’t smiling for their captain’s photo.”

With a chortle, Kole watched his twins bounding around the cramped room, nearly nocking over the chair he was sitting on. Finna was working that afternoon and couldn’t watch them. Unable to remain in the cramped space any longer, Darian and Darina started toward the door. Bounding out of the chair, Kole brushed off the photographer. “I’ll smile while I can. If I wait for another picture, I might lose my twins to the command deck.”

“Did you brush your hair before you came?”

“I brushed it right before we left. Then I gave Darian and Darina rides on our way over.”


“One twin on my shoulders and one on my back. They also had to switch places to be fair.”

Rumors of Darian and Darina’s mischief were abundant. The photographer shook his head with a chuckle and saved the photo.

“Another guard on the bell tower was oblivious to the secret behind Kole’s smile, but Kole’s plan extended far beyond what he could see. The settlement on Vastus was only the beginning.”

From: Flight to Bern Village


Born: Glanton, Peace Island, Indago Solar System

Weight: 71 kg

Height: 179 cm

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Titles and Skills: Dragon Leader, Healing Director, Hidden City Warrior, Master, Warrior, Healer, Aurium Archer

“Darian gaped at Elaina. ‘You’ve been holding out on us, Elaina.’

Elaina shook mud off her shoes. ‘I wasn’t allowed to use a shield before.’

‘And I was concerned when I heard about you walking in the forest with Davu after you arrived.’ Louie’s lips curled up in a smile.

‘Dangerous animals do live in the forest.’

‘Dangerous animals or animals in danger of attacking you?’”

From: Dragon Warriors

Revgiln of Vierd Sryel

The Revgiln of Vierd Sryel-Art by Harkale Linai @Harkale_Linai

“Svilg Xreln and Gyev Nybin never suspected something was about to go terribly wrong as they considered what interrogation method to use on the hybrid who was clinging to her revgiln and how many svilg should aid in the interrogation. Gyev Nybin didn’t imagine his ship would be attacked by an enemy more powerful than the human battleship aiming weapons at them, an enemy that lived within the gyev ship’s walls, patiently waiting for an opportunity. Like a bolt of lightning on a clear day, the revgiln revolt began. . . .

The revgiln of Vierd Sryel attacked weak structural points along the outside walls, creating catastrophic breaches, adding to the chaos. She incinerated dividing walls between the hallway and telepath suites, broke into the environmental control room, then tore apart life support systems with the lethal horns on her tail. Finally, she returned to the engine room and pounded through the wall near the emergency shield until she broke through to the shield generator. She tore apart the generator with her teeth then stormed into the engine room where she released the exotic matter that controlled gravity aboard the ship. No one was going to stop the revgiln of Vierd Sryel, not even a fragile telepath.”

From: Hidden City