Here are some of the things I’ve posted to the blog that might be considered spoilers.

Elaina’s Hope

“Elaina climbed a tree branch . . . waiting for the night to end and bring a ray of hope with dawn; hope that the worst parts of life were behind her, hope that somehow, her future would bring joy.” Southern Alliance
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Captain Kolbern Belgrande

Born: Salus-Human Battleship

Death: Bern City, Peace Continent, Vastus

Weight: 81 kg

Height: 189 cm

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Kole was a human leader who organized settling Vastus. His name was well-known among shapeshifters and telepaths as a conqueror. For this reason, he changed his name to Bern soon after he moved to Vastus with his family. He first lived in Reges. When Grayl and Don were voted in as queen and king of Reges, Kole moved his family south to Bern City with a large group of humans and founded Bern Village.

Prior to his assignment as a captain, Kole was a computer scientist and a war strategist. Familiar with self defense and battle tactics, Kole developed the Bern warrior and Bern master courses and wrote all the strategy books.

Story Behind the Picture:

The photographer took a look at the photo in front of him. “Typically people during this war aren’t smiling for their captain’s photo.”

With a chortle, Kole watched his twins bounding around the cramped room, nearly nocking over the chair he was sitting on. Finna was working that afternoon and couldn’t watch them. Unable to remain in the cramped space any longer, Darian and Darina started toward the door. Bounding out of the chair, Kole brushed off the photographer. “I’ll smile while I can. If I wait for another picture, I might lose my twins to the command deck.”

“Did you brush your hair before you came?”

“I brushed it right before we left. Then I gave Darian and Darina rides on our way over.”


“One twin on my shoulders and one on my back. They also had to switch places to be fair.”

Rumors of Darian and Darina’s mischief were abundant. The photographer shook his head with a chuckle and saved the photo.

From: Flight to Bern Village

“Another guard on the bell tower was oblivious to the secret behind Kole’s smile, but Kole’s plan extended far beyond what he could see. The settlement on Vastus was only the beginning.”


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Planet of Origin: Mendje

Adult Weight: About 90 Kg

Adult Wingspan: About 7 M

Flight Speed: 350 km/hr

Characteristics: Hravdeth are carnivorous, reptilian birds with good maneuverability. Horns line the leading edge of their wings. They also have horns on top of their head. They can become animal wraiths.

Artwork by: @Harkale_Linai

“A flock of enormous birds circled Endre, swooping down then shooting back into the sky, like a murky waterfall, flowing through the clouds.” Southern Alliance


Planet of Origin: Mendje

Height: 2 M

Top Running Speed: 50 km/hr.

Typical Herd Size: 2-4

Characteristics: Carnivorous, determined, brutal when they attack, cuts from their horns often become infected.

“A chill cascaded down Elaina’s spine. Sventock could track their prey for weeks. If they were thirty kilometers away, Master Crevan might have hours or a day, depending on how quickly they were traveling.” Dragon Warriors

A sventock charged from the forest with one of Elaina’s arrows already in its neck. Three arrows pierced the hide. An enormous crash shook the forest, making Elaina’s heart freeze in terror. The sventock was down, but five others were still charging, flinging snow and mud into the air as they tore through the forest.Dragon Warriors

Thyliani Flowers

Flowers of various colors with green, blue, and purple leaves and blue stems. The blossoms open at night and close during the day. The entire plant needs to stay shaded. It can heal many infections. The bulb center is tender and nutritious. It almost tastes like ginger pudding.

Planet of Origin: Senja

Height: 50 cm

Characteristics: Heals infections, nutritious

“Master Crevan swiftly finished wrapping the bandage around Ranvir’s arm then strode to Elaina. His face paled. ‘She has an infection. Kiku, I saw several thyliani flowers on our way here, about a hundred meters away. Havard, go with her . . .’” Dragon Warriors

“Elaina glanced at Svilgt Tydun’s arm where a mesmerizing scar curved around then turned sharply, weaving around his forearm. It almost looked like a thyliani flower.” Southern Alliance

The Dragon Egg Cave

The Dragon Cave

“In the mountains, on the other side of the island, the revgiln rested in their eggs, hopeful of a new life. The last chime from a recorder in the cave cleared their memories, leaving the revgiln to rediscover who and what they were, then the recorder disintegrated, leaving behind no evidence of advanced technology.” Flight to Bern Village

This is where Elaina first meets Davu.

“Tvuna led Elaina through the living room and down a hallway to a simply furnished bedroom. . . Elaina groggily gazed around the room, spotting a small table, chair, dresser, wardrobe and a bed with only a mattress. Everything was clean, except for occasional dust scattered across the floor, noticeable in the dim light creeping in from a window.” Flight to Bern Village

Elaina’s Room is bedroom 4.

Map of Peace Island

“The trail Ani and Larissa traveled on looped back to the castle. Few people saw a need to travel further into the forest, but Ani wasn’t going to return. Between bushes and tall trees Ani and Larissa wove, remaining hidden like jittery rabbits scrambling away from a hunter’s eye. Ani pushed the horse harder. Hunger pains nagged at her stomach, but Ani didn’t dare stop. She had to get further away from Glanton. She was not going to miss her chance to escape. Ani didn’t know where she was going, but she was beyond the castle wall for the first time in her life and that was all that mattered to her.” Flight to Bern Village

Bell Code at Bern Village:

Three rings followed by a pause-All citizens go inside the barrier.

Constant ring- All warriors meet at the bell tower.

One ring followed by a pause-Citizens stay inside your home. All warriors meet at the bell that is ringing.

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