Abigail Ruiz Strilic Velur

Born: El Cuervo

Parents: Admiral Wade Strilic and Captain Valentina Ruiz

Spouse: Param Velur

Weight: 49 kg

Height: 161 cm

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Title and Skills: Engineering Commander, Mechanical Engineering Prodigy, Resourceful Inventor, Talented Pilot, Peace Bringer


“Rebuilding this relic is going to be exciting!” Flight to Bern Village

“We’re human engineers. Our own species labels half of us with emotional disorders in a vain attempt to understand us.” Dragon Warriors

“Gail swung around in the pilot’s chair, watching numbers flash in front of her. If Gail constantly adjusted the numbers to prevent her engines from exploding, she could increase the ship’s speed. Countless disasters could turn her one-week buffer into two hours. She would push El Cuervo as quickly as she safely could.” Dragon Warriors

“There is always a way to escape.” Carcer