Southern Alliance

Coming September 17, 2021

Southern Alliance (Vastus Book 3) by [Jaron Osiar]

The telepaths are teetering between fighting with the Northern cities and forming an alliance with Bern Village in the South. Unicorns refuse to work with telepaths and are recovering from their own, devastating battle. Dragons still fear the telepaths, even though they depend upon them to remain sane. Elaina is trying to keep her world from tearing itself apart. Cities across Vastus are in turmoil as truces going back generations unravel.

Rada, a shapeshifter, arrives on the space station orbiting Vastus. The desperate residents on Vastus Station are busy, trying to maintain life support and replenish dwindling food supplies. Meanwhile, rumors of dragons on a small, forgotten world are spreading among the races who have been fighting a war that has brought everyone near extinction. Now battleships are searching for Vastus…

Cover Art by: Harkalé Linaï

Dragon Egg Cave

In the mountains, on the other side of the island, the revgiln rested in their eggs, hopeful of a new life. The last chime from a recorder in the cave cleared their memories, leaving the revgiln to rediscover who and what they were, then the recorder disintegrated, leaving behind no evidence of advanced technology. Flight to Bern Village

Kindle Unlimited

I have decided to expand distribution of the Vastus series and will be withdrawing my books from Kindle Unlimited. They will still be available through as an ebook and in print. January 31st will the last day to read Vastus: Flight to Bern Village through Kindle Unlimited. Vastus: Dragon Warriors will be available until March 10th.