Announcing Carcer

Carcer will be part of the Vastus universe, but can be enjoyed on its own. Though reading the Vastus series is not necessary, Carcer will contain spoilers for the Vastus series. It occurs six years after Hidden City and primarily follows Calix, a dragon warrior and a healer. I am working on edits now.


I started a new page for characters. Here is one of the character descriptions:

Artwork by: Justin Donaldson

Born: Glanton, Peace Island, Indago Solar System

Weight: 71 kg

Height: 179 cm

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Titles and Skills: Dragon Leader, Healing Director, Hidden City Warrior, Master, Warrior, Healer, Aurium Archer

“Darian gaped at Elaina. ‘You’ve been holding out on us, Elaina.’

Elaina shook mud off her shoes. ‘I wasn’t allowed to use a shield before.’

‘And I was concerned when I heard about you walking in the forest with Davu after you arrived.’ Louie’s lips curled up in a smile.

‘Dangerous animals do live in the forest.’

‘Dangerous animals or animals in danger of attacking you?’”

From: Dragon Warriors

Revgiln of Vierd Sryel

This was one of the cover ideas Harkale Linai presented for Hidden City. I loved it and wanted to use it, but also loved the other covers she presented. It was a tough choice. After much deliberation, I decided to put this image on the spine for the Hidden City paperback.

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