I recall watching words lift off the page of books I read in elementary school. It was fascinating to watch, even though I knew it wasn’t really happening. When the teacher wanted me to read, sometimes words were missing and other times they swapped places. I would press my finger on the page in hopes of making the words hold still. Sometimes it worked-other times it didn’t.

As I grew more experienced, I mostly learned to see words as they actually appeared on the page. I also discovered that seeing things as I did came with unique advantages. It wasn’t all bad, even if it seemed frustrating and even embarrassing when I was younger. I learned to easily visualize objects and pictures, even putting them in motion in the air before my eyes. It was quite a shock when I discovered that what I easily saw was difficult for others.

Despite my attempts to control my dyslexia, I sometimes find myself struggling. Several times I studied my editors’ corrections, struggling to see what I needed to change. When I still couldn’t see it, someone had to point out the error to my while I was editing the Vastus series. Publishing a book with my specific weaknesses was stressful. What if the books were full of errors that I couldn’t see? I read and re-read the series, hoping to eliminate all the errors. Then one day I was reading a book by a popular author when I noticed an error. At first I thought I was seeing things. I asked someone to tell me if I was viewing the words correctly. They confirmed the error. It was the encouragement I needed to continue. I knew the Vastus series wouldn’t be perfect, but I knew I put in my best effort to ensure there weren’t errors. I also heard others mention how important it was not to over-edit a book. Finding a balance between calling a story done and continuing with editing is hard to pinpoint.

Revgiln of Vierd Sryel

This was one of the cover ideas Harkale Linai presented for Hidden City. I loved it and wanted to use it, but also loved the other covers she presented. It was a tough choice. After much deliberation, I decided to put this image on the spine for the Hidden City paperback.

June 1, 2022

Cover Art by Harkale Linai @Harkale_Linai

In this final volume of the Vastus tetralogy, the telepaths have discovered stolen dragons on Vastus and are determined to capture and return them to Mendje.  Humans and shapeshifters fear the telepaths will use the dragons to destroy their suffering civilizations. After generations of fighting, food is scarce in space. Remnants of the battle fleets are gathering around Vastus, desperate for its abundant resources. Those watching over the planet are suspected of treason and could be captured at any moment.

Elaina and Davu have been imprisoned in a strange and unfamiliar place that is nothing like they have ever encountered before.  They discover secrets that have been hidden for generations as they fight to defend their home against ruthless invaders and assassins. The stakes are high as each species looks to this young warrior and her dragon to vanquish their enemies and bring closure to endless war.

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