Due to the suggestions one of my astute editors made, I am working on significant edits for my next book. Her suggestions made sense and led my thoughts to further details and side stories that will give the characters more depth. I will provide more updates later.

Review for Dragon Warriors

This is a review by Marina Flisvou for Dragon Warriors:

“Dragon Warriors” is the second book in Jaron Osiar’s Vastus series. The book is an exciting journey from start to finish. It includes a lot of mythical adventures, and dragons that make us feel like going on a great journey. The world is filled with vivid details that we can almost smell the trees and feel the wind.

Vastus’s world is very big and full of life. The author takes us on a journey from the stormy Avar Sea through the magical Vastus Forest to the cozy Bern Village, and he effectively describes scenes of many places, from rough seas to dense forests and small towns.

The characters in the books are well described. The main characters, like Crevan and Dalton, grow and develop a lot throughout the book. The author writes about family and friendships in a way that is deep and real. Watching them change and develop is one of the best parts of the book.

The story in the book is well-written. It is about being brave, making tough decisions that can change your life, and how strong family and friendship can be.

The fights are some of the most exciting parts of the book. It doesn’t matter if the battle is at sea, against a storm, or in the middle of a forest. Each one is described in a way that takes us directly into the middle of it.

The book has some small pacing flaws but is still worth reading because it has a great world, interesting characters, and a powerful story. Besides that, sometimes the book goes from one character’s story to another, and it is not always easy to follow. On the other hand, it enables us to understand the world from different perspectives. This shows Vastus’s world as large and full of life.

The book’s excellent editing is another feature. I did not find any grammar or spelling mistakes, which indicates meticulous writing. This careful attention to detail makes sure that the reading goes smoothly, letting the story’s best parts shine through.

In conclusion, I rate “Dragon Warriors” 5 out of 5 stars. It is a great book. It is a book about adventure, development, and how important family and friends are. The world is well-developed and imaginative, the characters are unforgettable, and the story is both exciting and touching. This book is a must-read for anyone who loves getting lost in a good story and escaping to another world where dragons fly, and fighters fight for what’s right.

Review of Flight to Bern Village

This is a thorough review by Marina Flisvou from Online Bookclub:

“Flight to Bern Village” by Jaron Osiar is a science fiction book that will hold you in suspense until the end. It is about Ani, who goes on a journey looking for her place on an immense planet called Vastus. Technology has transformed this world into a habitable environment where magical beings and other types of human beings live together. This book is not just about finding a settled place in a wide and always-changing world; it is also about self-discovery and overcoming problems.

The story’s protagonist, Ani, is the character who feels that she doesn’t belong to the current world because she has a dual existence of being part human and part elf. Because of this, her story is very emotional. Ani meets many kinds of creatures throughout the story, including mystical unicorns, and her complicated relationship with her mother, Larissa, is exposed. The dialogues are skillfully written, bringing us more into Ani’s world as she grows, discovers her worth, and learns new things.

The way Ani handles difficulties is one of the most interesting aspects of her journey. She faces several difficulties, particularly in the forest, which force her inner and physical strength to be challenged. Her transformation into a strong person is part of what makes this novel special.

The book is excellent in terms of world-building. Vastus is described wonderfully by the author, showing its beautiful landscape and innovative technology. This location becomes not just the story’s background; it is a key part of it, offering a place where both peace and war can exist together.

The story does, however, contain some flaws. It might sometimes drag because of its many details, and certain character dialogues don’t seem quite natural. However, these little issues don’t overshadow the book’s strengths, which include the characters’ nuance and the way it explores important subjects.

The book’s excellent editing is another feature. There aren’t any mistakes, indicating that it was properly edited. This careful attention to detail allows for a more enjoyable reading experience.

In conclusion, I rate “Flight to Bern Village ” 5 out of 5 stars. It is a beautiful story about finding peace in a complicated world and self-discovery. The book successfully combines a vividly described fictional future with its own growth to create an engaging story. Jaron Osiar wrote an engaging and enjoyable science fiction story about overcoming personal challenges.


Height: 155 cm

Weight: 40 kg

Eye color: Brown

Occupation: Observatory Manager, Peace Bringer

“Ebban helped Qwin with unique perspectives on all three species. Despite being a telepath, most people found it easy to work with Ebban.” Carcer

“Ebban chortled. ‘You don’t like listening to engineers argue?’

‘Do you?’

‘I don’t mind. They’re officially allowed in here, especially with the bomb they built making its way to Lavi.'” Carcer


Cover Art by Harkalé Linaï

Years after Hidden City, not everyone is convinced that peace is possible. Battles in space are still common and people struggle to work through their differences. To prevent the strained peace treaties from falling apart, a new planet for prisoners is terraformed. While the planet is being prepared, all the prisoners are placed on a continent anxiously awaiting their fate where dangerous animals can tear through the prison’s defenses.

Calix became a dragon warrior to avoid shapeshifters who didn’t consider him one of them. Now he is struggling to accept himself as a telepath. As a Hidden City warrior, he sees the conflicts in space and understands why Vastus and Carcer are necessary. Can Calix conquer his fears and find value in his new skills?